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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the applied form of Behavior Analysis, which is the science of behavior extending back to the early 20th century.  It includes the principles of learning, motivation and reinforcement, and looks strictly at observable behaviors.


The word “Applied” means that we use these principles to improve the quality of life of those individuals that we serve! ABA is used to assist in teaching new skills and reducing challenging behaviors. It is the most popular form of therapy used to help improve the quality of life of individuals with Autism and other developmental disabilities. The most beneficial ABA therapy programs will include consistent collaboration between the provider and the parents, as well as others working with the individual. A comprehensive support network is vital to ensure consistency and ongoing practice!

What to Expect with Driven

  1. Determine the individual's needs and identify behaviors and skills to work on.

  2. Identify specific goals and expected outcomes.

  3. Establish measurement methods to evaluate success.

  4. Learn new skills and/or how to reduce challenging behaviors.

  5. Regularly review progress and make changes to strategies as needed.

  6. Decide whether or not further behavior modification is necessary.

Our professional team is here to support our families and their loved ones, and to guide them through the journey of ABA.

Driven uses the 7 Dimensions of ABA


  • We look at observable and measurable behaviors.

  • We ensure to work on behaviors that can be increased or reduced as clinically recommended.


  • We apply the principles of ABA to improve the everyday lives of our clients.

  • We focus on “socially significant” behaviors, which are behaviors that will help the individual function in their natural social environments.


  • We use strategies that are clearly designed, detailed, and communicated to everyone involved in the client's treatment to ensure consistent and proper implementation.

Conceptually Systematic:

  • All of the strategies that DBS will use are based in research in the field of behavior analysis.


  • We base our decisions for ongoing treatment strategies strictly on the client's performance (data).


  • We ensure that strategies will be used that have shown to be successful for the client's recommended treatment.


  • Our ultimate goal is for behavior changes to last over time and with other caregivers, teachers, and family members.

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