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Driven Behavioral Support (DBS) is a locally owned and operated practice that provides home and community-based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy. We were founded directly by behavior analysts (BCBAs) who share a passion for supporting individuals with Autism and other developmental disabilities, as well as their families. We support the valued members of our team and place a great emphasis on high quality training, a team-oriented approach, and unwavering dedication to the families that we serve.

Driven Behavioral Support provides opportunities for the clients to practice, improve, and learn new skills in the following areas:

  • Communication

  • Self-care

  • Daily functioning skills

  • Leisure skills

  • Social skills

  • Reducing dangerous or challenging behaviors

  • Fostering overall independence for the client and family.


Our Clinical Services include:

  • Behavioral assessments (To determine best strategies for addressing dangerous or challenging behaviors)

  • Communication and skills assessments

  • Treatment plans and/or behavior plans

  • Direct therapy

  • Parent Training: Hands-on during sessions 

  • Individual parent or caregiver training sessions

  • Collaboration among other providers

  • Support for behavior related meetings (IEPs or school FBA meetings, school tours, medical appointments, etc.)

    • Community-based services may include day-care facilities, private school or other educational arrangements, and outings such as parks, store, or other community locations.

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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the applied form of Behavior Analysis, which is the science of behavior extending back to the early 20th century.  It includes the principles of learning, motivation and reinforcement, and looks strictly at observable behaviors.

The word “Applied” means that we use these principles to improve the quality of life of those individuals that we serve! ABA is used to assist in teaching new skills and reducing challenging behaviors. It is the most popular form of therapy used to help improve the quality of life of individuals with Autism and other developmental disabilities. The most beneficial ABA therapy will include consistent collaboration between the provider and the parents, as well as others working with the individual, to ensure consistency and ongoing practice!

Our professional team is here to support our families and their loved ones, and to guide them through the journey of ABA. 


Because we are DRIVEN to support you!

Driven Behavioral Support was founded directly by experienced Behavior Analysts who are thinking about you! The co-founders of DBS have extensive experience working with children with developmental disabilities in various capacities. From developing communication skills, reducing challenging behaviors, teaching new social or daily living skills, and working with families to provide them with tools and support, we strive to empower families to improve their quality of life!


Our experience also incorporates working with schools and other providers in collaborative treatment efforts, providing guidance for families in seeking out additional supports, and identifying environmental factors that may have a great impact on behavior.

The primary goal of Driven Behavioral Support is to bring this experience into the structure of a small family oriented business! This means that we will go above and beyond in supporting the individuals and families that we serve. We pride ourselves on:


  • Our dedication to detail to the families needs and the scope of our services.

  • Dedication to addressing the overall scope of the child's environment that may influence behavior.

  • Integrity and commitments that we make to those we work with.

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To receive information on registering for services with Driven Behavioral Support, or to speak to one of our providers, please call or contact us below!

Thanks for reaching out to Driven!

Serving Fredericksburg, Virginia and the surrounding counties!


Please complete the above form to reach us by e-mail

10468 Investors Place, Suite B

Spotsylvania, VA 22553

                                                                    Phone: (804) 742-0040                  For Spanish : (540) 479-7823    

                                                                    Fax: (540) 301-8315                          Office Administration / Billing: (757)-384-3248

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